For instance, a 2007 controlled study in 43 young acne-prone men by Smith, et al, found that a low-glycemic-load diet led to a greater reduction in acne lesions than a higher-glycemic-load diet. What’s more, the low-glycemic-load group experienced a decrease in androgen and insulin levels, improvement in insulin sensitivity, and weight loss. By contrast, the other group had increases in weight, insulin levels, and insulin resistance.
Hence low carb diets should emphasize larger amounts of fat, but the source of this dietary fat is critical as there are plenty of bad fats out there. A good rule of thumb is to stick to naturally-occurring fats from nature, rather than chemically processed ones created in a factory. As an example, organic grass-fed butter and margarine are poles apart regarding their respective health merits. And hopefully, you know that butter is the healthy one!
Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, professor of human nutrition at The University of Sydney says, "There's not a lot in the scientific literature to judge [the health effects of the keto diet]. On the basis of current science, I wouldn't recommend it. Several observational studies suggest this diet [actually] increases mortality, diabetes and cardiovascular disease."
I like a number of your recipes. I am cooking for my wife who is overweight. Not going into details. Although I have her on a keto diet, I don’t believe it is totally a keto diet. I can say that I am making her some keto recipes and low carb recipes. We were successful in having her lose weight twice, but she fought continuing. This time, she is on it no matter what, after a Dr visit. My wife was always a meat and potatoes girl, meaning she fights vegetables especially. But I am being successful in other ways to see that she eats her fruits and vegetables. Some of your recipes she will not eat. Me, I eat almost anything. So she is a challenge. I want to find or make through recipes foods that are close to what she was use to eating. I am making her tortillas for example. I found an acceptable recipe.
I’ve been on a low carb lifestyle since 2013 and by the end of 2014 I had lost 80 pounds. As of December 2019 I’m still down 75 pounds and feel like a new person. I’ve learned to cook low carb and now have a file drawer full of recipes (at least 200) that I’ve gotten from the Internet. I definitely do not feel deprived. Thank you for your receipes.
Carolyn – Low carb eating is often promoted as the “magic solution” to effortless weight loss. But the truth is, no matter how you eat, your body is going to have issues with the process at some point. It’s not unusual to plateau for longer periods with low carb eating. I’ve experienced it myself and I’ve heard the same from other people. There are so many things to look at when you stall (I feel another blog post coming on!!). Do you eat generally low carb or do you eat keto? Each approach has it’s own solutions.
Hi Mellisa, I still recommend eating a variety of vegetables on a keto diet! You can include low carb berries as well. That being said, a multivitamin usually can’t hurt anything, so you definitely can if you feel like you are missing something. As always, I’m not a doctor and recommend consulting with your doctor for ultimate recommendations on these types of questions.
Blood levels of triglycerides have emerged as a very important risk factor for cardiovascular disease.  High serum triglyceride level is associated with abnormal lipoprotein metabolism, as well as with other risk factors including obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus, and lowered levels of HDL cholesterol. It has been shown in a number of studies that carbohydrate restriction lowers triglyceride levels significantly.
Doubful. There is no “energy loss” on a LC/HF WOE. Rather, energy is increased, is more consistent and more readily available (since the body can much more readily access the massive “calories” stored in fat quickly for energy, something not available to people on “normal” diets who will “hit the wall” when sugar-energy runs out. For more, read this: More likely, the real reason is MASSIVE DECREASERES IN REVENUES (profit) to lots of interested parties. Those include processed food makers (nearly all of which are carb-based), pharmaceutical and medical companies and grain-based agricultural concerns. Ever wonder how it is… Read more »
If you select Lose Fat (lose weight) as your goal, then you can select the Deficit. The macro calculator will then recommend that you eat this percentage fewer calories than you need. Eating less calories than you need will result in weight loss. For example, if you select 15% as the deficit, the calculator will output 15% fewer calories than your body needs for maintenance.
Rather than worry only about fats, you might want to watch calories as well. As we age, we need fewer and fewer calories each day. Because of this, I don’t eat as much fat as recommended on keto because it’s so calorie dense. The thing is that if you consume too much fat, your body might use it instead of the fat stores already in your body. I recommend using a keto diet app to keep track of all macros and see how adjustments affect your weight loss. Good luck!

The aim of ketogenic diets is to send the body into a state of ‘ketosis’ by using a very strict low-carb diet. This umbrella term can include diets such as the Atkins diet, Dukan diet and LCHF (low carb, high fat) diets such as the banting diet, although the ratios of fat, protein and carbs and other specific features of each diet (e.g. ‘phases’) can vary.

After doing a lot of research, my wife and I have decided to practice a low carb diet instead of keto. Keto is too restrictive, and excludes too many food items that are are essential to long term health. I’m in good shape, she can lose 20-30 lbs. With a low carb diet and exercise, she’s already lost 6lbs in the first two weeks. I think keto may be good for people who need to lose 40 lbs fast. It’s not necessary for people who are in relative good health and know how to lose weight by conventional methods – low carb, HIIT workouts, slight caloric deficiency. Other than the fast results, I don’t see unique benefits of keto diet.
I eat a diet that varies from ketogenic to simply very low carb, and I love it. After a lifetime of being overweight and unfit, I am now, in middle age, in the best shape of my life. I weigh less and wear a smaller size than I did in my teens. I am also stronger and fitter than ever. In addition, my physician was "keep[ing] an eye on" a number of health issues of the type that most people assume are the inevitable result of ageing: Elevated blood lipids; elevated blood pressure; elevated blood sugar. I attribute a great deal of my success to the fact that I was motivated this time much more by health than vanity. They wanted me to go on statins, and I just refused. I applied myself in earnest to a low-carb way of eating, and in the course of my research I learned about ketogenic diets. I normally eat about 75 grams a day of fat; when I am riding regularly, that's often 100 or more; during long-distance rides, 150+.
Thanks for this low carb slash keto macro calculator! I’ve been on the keto diet for almost 7 months now, but I have to admit that whenever I use these calculators, I get confused when it comes to what I should put under activity level. Say, I work an office job, where sedentary could be the option to choose because I’m sitting down 6-8 hours a day, but I also go to the gym up to 5x a week, which I guess would fall under moderate active? What do you think?
First, you need to look at this a little differently. Most people, when trying to lose weight, aim for about 4-6 lbs. a month. Slow and steady is the best weight loss, no matter how you do it. Ten pounds in 2 months is pretty good. Yes, some people lose it faster. But we are all different. I’m the same as you. Even when I do Keto perfectly, the weight comes off painfully slow. But it does come off. The weight didn’t end up on our bodies overnight, and it won’t disappear overnight either. I know Keto is often promoted as this incredibly fast way to lose weight, and for some people, that happens. But for the rest of us, it’s no different than any other type of diet. You have to have patience. Your body needs time to adjust. You will have plateaus too. It’s totally normal. The ten pound mark is sort of when you can switch from knowing that you are losing water weight, to losing actual fat. So you’re in the right zone. The trick with Keto and slow fat loss is to not give up. It takes patience.
Jill – Low carb has a much looser definition. It’s pretty open to whatever you want to do. You may want to eat a bit more for satiety if nothing else. But no, you don’t HAVE to go as high in fat. Since there is no real outline for low carb eating, you can pretty much adjust it to anything you want. Experiment and see what your body reacts best to. I’ve brought down my fat intake a bit more as well because I found that I was stalling with 80% fat, 15% protein. I do more like 70% fat and 25% protein now. Got my weight loss moving again. So it’s just about what works best for you and your body.
If you select Gain Muscle as your goal, then you can select the Gain (surplus). The macro calculator will then recommend that you eat this percentage more calories than you need. Eating more calories than you need will result in weight gain, which will be in the form of muscle if you do weight training. For example, if you select 10% as the gain, the calculator will output 10% more calories than your body needs for maintenance.
If you select Gain Muscle as your goal, then you can select the Gain (surplus). The macro calculator will then recommend that you eat this percentage more calories than you need. Eating more calories than you need will result in weight gain, which will be in the form of muscle if you do weight training. For example, if you select 10% as the gain, the calculator will output 10% more calories than your body needs for maintenance.
This article is very useful, i am happy to see a medical expert reporting on the benefits of a low carbohydrate and high protein diet. It is also very helpful to see some scientific thought being put behind the report and the analysis. I have been involved in coaching combat athletes, boxers and martial artists for almost 30 years and have also been a personal trainer working with body builders and strength athletes. I have always been an advocate for the use of Low carb/High protein for a number of reasons mostly though because this type of diet makes sense.… Read more »
I have been on the Keto diet for 2 weeks now and have lost 12 lbs – I love it!!! I have found it easier and much more enjoyable than when I did low carb (Atkins). I have found many recipes on Pinterest that have helped me out, also. I decided to research this diet after my last physical and my doctor said I was in danger of becoming pre-diabetic. I asked her what she thought and she thought it sounded good as I have no kidney problems or other issues that could make this diet not work. I use the Carb Manager app and that helps me keep track of my macros really well!!!
A low-fat diet may be preferable for some individuals while other individuals may do better on a low carbohydrate diet. The fact that I may recommend a Paleo or an Atkins type diet for some people, does not mean that I am against whole grain or potatoes. Although  I recommend everybody to avoid simple refined sugars and junk food, I think complex carbohydrates, starches, and not least fiber can be a part of a healthy diet for many people.
After imagining I'd have a Biggest Loser-type reveal, after two weeks on the diet, I was disappointed to find I'd only lost 1.5kg. But I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of hunger I experienced. For example, if I started the day with bacon and eggs, I wouldn't get hungry again till the afternoon, whereas my typical instant oats breakfast leaves me ravenous by 11am.