I now eat a lower carb, moderate protein and moderate fat diet. I even eat whole wheat pasta (only 1/3 cup when I do eat it), I eat Ezekiel bread (1 slice) and on occassion, I eat potatoes (white) and even rice. I just keep the amounts around 10 grams of carbs. My breakfast is about 4 grams of carbs (its a protein shake and I put avacado in it as well). Lunch is 4 oz. protein, steamed veggies and/or a salad, slice of my bread with 1/2 tbsp. grass fed butter, snacks are 1.5 oz. nuts (1 oz. macadamian and 1/2 oz. cashews). Dinner has carbs from green veggies. And that’s it. And I drink a protein shake once a day because I lift weights along with doing cardio. In that shake I put 1/2 tbsp. nut butter and mix the shake with water. Sometimes I’ll add 1 to 2 oz. banana (yes, I weigh all of my food). And guess what?? I lose as much weight per week as if I was doing keto. I truly believe that eating a minimal amount of carbs per day makes a huge impact with weight loss. You don’t have to go into full blown keto to lose weight.
“Now fast forward to the present. The United States is currently re-assessing a 3-decade, uncontrolled experiment in which carbohydrates were lauded and fats demonized. Concurrently we have become one of the most obese countries in the world. And across the globe, tragically, indigenous peoples with historically low carbohydrate intakes now have extremely high prevalence rates of obesity and type-2 diabetes (e.g., the Gulf States in the Middle East, Pacific Islanders, First Nations in Canada, and Australian Aborigines).”
Hi Maya, I have been eating keto for 3 months, and I’m very pleased with my 15-lb weight loss so far. But I still don’t understand how macros work. I recalculated my macros today and the calculator says I should eat 66g of daily protein. But that is just 2 ounces, which is miniscule. And I don’t understand how the 4 ounces of tilapia I had for dinner today shows up as just 20g of protein, when I plug the information into MyFitnessPal. Can you explain? I feel healthy, and I am not hungry. Generally, I have about 6-7 ounces of protein per day.
Blood sugars are often high in the morning (dawn phenomena). If you are only on 15-22 carbs per day I would check every label of everything you are eating to ensure carbs are not sneaking in somehow to still give you a reading of 200, or is your protein too high? Do you have insulin resistance? These are all factors which may be at play here. Healthy fats won’t raise BS at all.
LDL-Cholesterol particles exist in different sizes. On one hand we have the large, fluffy, cotton-ball like molecules, and on the other hand the small dense molecules. Many recent studies have looked into the importance of LDL-particle size. Studies show that people whose LDL-C particles are predominantly small and dense have a threefold greater risk of coronary heart disease. Furthermore, the large and fluffy type of LDL-C  may actually be protective. Studies indicate carbohydrate restriction positively affects particle size by reducing the number of very small and small LDL particles.
But Paleo isn’t even really about imitating hunter-gatherers, ancient or modern; it’s about how humans can eat to be healthy and strong. And the research here also backs up the “different strokes for different folks” theory of macros. Different people have hugely varying “optimal” macro ratios, and some lucky people who are relatively healthy can adjust to a huge range of equally acceptable options.

I’ve been LCHF Ketogenic for 1 year I’m at my natural weight, but had to face the doc today re-chol, fasting glucose 4.8 good, HDL 1.09 good, trig 1.75 ok LDL 8.91 shock horror, total cholesterol 10.8 shock horror. Trying to discuss pattern A and pattern B LDL particles cut no ice! Got to face a surgeon soon, what the hell am I gonna say LOL In the UK LDL is indirect ie Freidewald Equation Drs do not want to discuss LDL-Particles
I started about 6 weeks ago and have lost 22 lbs. I did it for multiple reasons though. For years I would feel overwhelming sleepy after lunch and dinner, no matter what I did. I had digestion issues daily. Not be able to lose weight no matter what I did (more exercise, more sleep, more water, more veggie/fruit) etc. I couldn’t keep to a 1200 calorie diet without killing everyone around me because of being so hangry. My body would just store anything I ate and go into starvation mode. I thought, I’ll try it for two weeks and see. I don’t get sleepy after lunch, I get home and have energy to do stuff in the evenings, I’m losing weight, I feel more peppy (for lack of a better word), I easily keep to a 1200 calories, often going lower without feeling hungry, feel full after meals, and I don’t feel restricted. I keep things simple and use veggies that I hadn’t before. I did it for a dietary lifestyle change and not to lose the weight. I understand now that while I wasn’t diabetic before, maybe my body reacted to glucose like I was and maybe there was a celiac issue too. I just know that the feeling is so different. Not everyone is the same though and what works for others didn’t work for me. I wish it did, but it didn’t.
Definitely! To successfully maintain weight loss from either (or any) diet, Zeitlin advises focusing on doubling your veggies, eating lean proteins (fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, shellfish, lentils, tofu), healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil), fresh fruit, and whole grains. “That is what is going to help the weight come off and stay off,” she says.